I plod, therefore I run

People keep asking me why I run and I could never really pinpoint the reason.  Until now!  I have 2 children.  Worse still, they’re girls!  My oldest is almost 12 and my youngest is nearly 3.  Somehow I have reluctantly dragged myself kicking and screaming into my 40s and with a vast array of ages in this house, I am sure you can imagine the tension that can build when you have a tween with her hormones coming in, a middle aged women with her hormones going out and a toddler with anger issues.

Well! I say I run, I have bought all the gear that makes me look like I run, I talk about running a lot, I like every Facebook status about running and I even joined a running club, so in my mind, I run! In reality, I plod. Yes! I’m very much a plodder and proud of the fact that I plod faster than all those people sitting on the sofa watching TV.  I plod until I can plod no more, at which point I turn my sparkly New Balance trainers, red face and wobbly bits in the direction of home and become one of those people sitting on the sofa watching TV

I started a beginners running course in January with the Redway Runners and got to meet the nicest, friendliest most supportive people I’ve ever met and during one of those “runners highs”, the ones where you’ve done something you never imaged you would do and now you feel invincible, well during one of those times, I applied to the clubs Zero to Hero programme. It’s a training programme that takes you from being a couch potato to running a marathon in 12 months with the help and support of a mentor and a training plan.

So this is it folks! This plodding, overweight, unfit, middle aged mother of 2 is training for a marathon.  My only wish over the next 12 months is that my mentor will have the patience of a saint, the medical skills of a top leading doctor and a fridge full of wine, a training plan that’s not too tough and a bunch of other people, just as petrified as me, who were also on a runners high that day.  Welcome to the start of my next chapter.

Follow my journey as I plod through the streets of MK. I’m sure there will be highs and lows, laughter and tears, coffee and wine. oh!  And the reason I run?

I run to escape the kids!  (and here’s the t-shirt to prove it!)

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