Race for Life 2017

Training for a marathon can be a lonely experience, all those endless hours pounding the streets in all weathers, so you’ve got to have a little fun along the way! and if you can throw a little “good will” into the mix then even better right?!

A couple of years ago, I ran the 5k Race for Life. I didn’t raise any money for cancer research as I reasoned that my entry fee would suffice. Don’t get me wrong, absolutely every penny counts, so my entry fee did go a little way but this year I have more reason to take part in the Race for Life and more importantly, raise some money for this fantastic cause.

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer just after my last Race for Life, it was caught nice and early thanks to my dad being brave enough to do something about his symptoms and the wonderful doctors and nurses who dragged him back on the road to recovery. This year my mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Again, she was brave, caught it early and has just started her treatment so we’re hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care about your race, religion, gender or age, it doesn’t care if you’re at your peak physical fitness and have looked after yourself and it doesn’t care if you haven’t. It’s one of those diseases that will touch each and every one of us throughout our lifetime.  It may not be you that it touches, it may be a close friend, work colleague, family member, either way, at some point in our lives someone we know will be affected by it which is all the more reason to do what we can to find a cure.

So! this year I will be running the 10k Race for Life and I plan to raise as much money as I can by doing something I love. Rather than ask people to donate their cold hard cash, I am asking people to buy a training t-shirt and show the people on the sofa’s exactly what you’re training for and how amazing you look doing it!  I intend to buy mine and wear it with pride during my training, despite the fact it’s bright pink and clashes horribly with my red, sweaty face! (Happy to share photographic evidence!!) .  By selling these t-shirts I would love, love, LOVE to raise £1,000 (more if possible!) for this amazing cause.

There are a number of different t-shirt styles to suit all shapes and sizes and covers 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon runners.

5k Race for Life  / 10k Race for Life / Half Marathon Race for Life / Marathon Race for Life

Cancer Research are also doing Race for Life T-shirts in their Online Shop and yes! I will be buying one of these for race day without a doubt!

Good luck to all the lovely ladies, (aka the “Pink Army”) both in your training and the race for life itself.  You are all an inspiration and I look forward to running with you.

SM x



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