And so it begins ..

I’ve talked about it, I’ve dreamt about it but now is the time I must actually do it!   The official start of the Zero to Hero training isn’t until 23rd May – I therefore have 4 weeks to convince Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Mentor that the first meeting MUST be in a pub and MUST include alcohol. (I will however settle for a cosy Café with a nice piece of chocolate cake if the pub is totally off the cards.)

Whilst patiently breaking down Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Mentor’s defences I have decided to sit on my bum no more and took myself off for 3 … yes! count ’em! .. 3 runs this week. You can see the dire results below.

The first attempt consisted of 5 minute warm up, 3 x 5 minute runs, 2 x 3 minute walks and a 5 minute cool down, the second attempt 2 days later, consisted of 5 minute warm up, 2 x 8 minute runs, 1 x 5 minute walk and a 5 minute cool down. The final picture is my Redway Runners Beginners Graduation Park Run …. 8 weeks later than the rest of my class! (see No pain, no gain.. for my excuse!)

On Sunday, as I lay in bed slurping my coffee, and scoffing my white toast, dripping with butter and jam, still worn out from my 5k park run, popping paracetamol like sweets, rubbing on Deep Heat like a cheap, outdated moisturiser and watching all of those amazing men and women running the London Marathon, I found it totally incomprehensible that I, a mere mortal, will be following in their superhuman footsteps in 12 months time!

With that thought dancing through my head I rolled over onto my crumb laden sheets, stuffed my face in the pillow and sobbed “FFS! what have I done!”

SM x

3 thoughts on “And so it begins ..

  1. You have done something amazing – you have pulled your big girl pants up and got back at it.

    The programme doesn’t start for another 4 weeks by then you will be caught up at least to where you were, and if not it doesn’t matter- it is after all zero to hero you will just be a zero instead of a 10ker

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  2. That is very true lovely lady! Very true indeed … I think most of the sobbing and swearing came from the need to stop eating the white bread, proper butter and 2 inches of jam 🙂


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