Small steps, big heart


It’s been a while since I last updated my blog and for those handful of people who follow it, I apologise. I’ve been busy running … which is of course a little white lie, I’ve been busy thinking about running, whinging about running, moaning about running and when I finally did run oh boy! did it hurt.

I finally graduated from my beginners course! yes siree! I graduated at the park run, 8 weeks later than planned with a “fantabulous” time of 40 mins (Mo Farah has nothing on me!) fully supported by my fantastic running club family. I followed this with the MK 5k Rocket in a time of 34 mins 44 and just this week I managed to go out and plod a 5k in 33 mins, so the time is heading in the right direction. I do however wonder, if my head is pointing in the right direction.  Now that I’ve joined a running club the pressure I’ve put on myself and my runs are all about timings, and the conversations I have now are more along the lines of:

Them: “So what are your running plans this weekend?”

Me: “Not much, just going out for a little 5k”

Them: “Fantastic!, what time are you looking for?”

Me: “Er … I’m looking to finish standing up?” 🙂

This week however, I have realised that running doesn’t have to be so insular, it doesn’t have to be about beating everyone else’s time or running further to beat someone’s mileage. Sometimes to just get out there and run is enough. This thought occurred to me when I heard that the Redway Runners Charity of the year would be the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity. This charity was nominated by a Redway Runner member who, in December 2016, was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital with severe stomach pains and underwent a 5 hour operation following which he received the devastating news that he had inoperable stage 4 bowel cancer.  You can read the Redway Runners press release  here.

I ran passed his son during my 2nd park run, he was buddying another runner and was full of encouragement for his companion and smiles and good wishes for me. Me?!! He doesn’t know me from Adam, he just saw I had a green t-shirt on and that I was whinging and complaining, yet there he was cheering me on (before he made me eat his dust on the home run! humph). I don’t know his dad .. but I take inspiration from him as I struggle to get over the finish line and we all should. Here is a man, a family, who are going through so much yet have the biggest of hearts to support and encourage me and the hundreds of people like me, to continue to run and to continue to achieve our goals.

If you have the ability to run, if you have the ability to keep breathing as you run, then you can run….so you have tired legs, so your chest is on fire, so your head is telling you no, well let me tell you boys and girls – if my Redway Runner family members can, then you can!

I salute you Mike Webber and family! Total inspiration to us all.

Happy running

SM xx

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