Week 8

We’re into week 8 already and our Coach has deserted us to go on holiday and left us with her Lieutenant.  If we thought we were in for an easy ride we were sadly mistaken for this weeks run focused on that beautiful lady in the grey t-shirt in the front row. Our aim this … More Week 8

Week 7

After a very scary lecture from Coach about how we need to start taking this journey seriously, it’s week 7 and we’re all feeling pretty damn pleased with ourselves following on from the previous weeks momentous 6 mile victory.  Off we went like a pack of wolves hunting down our next challenge, and boy did … More Week 7

Week 6

We only went and bloody did it! I can not believe we have all just plodded a 10k. Oh.My.Days. 6.2 sodding miles and we did it. Most of us talked all the way through it, which is another milestone for a lot of us who generally fail to talk, breathe and plod at the same … More Week 6

Week 5

Here we are again … week 5, the weather is heating up again and Wimbledon is on telly. I’d rather be at home with a strong Gin & Tonic / Wine, strawberries and cream than donning my beautiful green T-shirt and taking my sorry @rse for a plod but no! I am the class clown … More Week 5

Week 4

With the MK Marathon just 312 days away we’re all getting slightly nervous but then a funny thing happens.  One person signs up for the marathon and it becomes contagious. Suddenly my Facebook page is full of people confirming they’ve signed up for the marathon and not meaning to be crude here but “this s**t … More Week 4

Week 3

And so onto week 3 … how time flies when you’re having fun. The temperature is now in the early 30’s – none of us want to complain about this given that the British summer time only lasts for a maximum of 3 days. At the same time NONE of us want to run in … More Week 3

Week 2

Well week 2 was a little more stressful. Temperatures have hit high 20’s but we’ve all made it, we’re all standing around waving our new running/hydration belts and we’re all raring to go! Coach talking points this week included the need to take some ID with us when we go out for our plods just … More Week 2

Week 1

The first weeks session came with zero expectations from our coach which meant a lot of relief for us Zero’s. We plodded a nice gentle 4k but the main talking point was hydration. All of us need to get into the habit of drinking a minimum of 80 oz (just over 2 litres for us … More Week 1