Week 1

z2h wk 1The first weeks session came with zero expectations from our coach which meant a lot of relief for us Zero’s.

We plodded a nice gentle 4k but the main talking point was hydration. All of us need to get into the habit of drinking a minimum of 80 oz (just over 2 litres for us old school folk) of fluids which can also include 30 oz of non fizzy sports drinks, every day …. yes everyday.  This is the point in which you get re-acquainted with your loo or, if you’re like me, the moment you pop to the loo for the gazillionth time and realise it needs to be totally redecorated if you’re going to be spending so much time in there.

Apparently it becomes easier and these lovely clean fluids will help push toxins out of our bodies and re-hydrate our weary muscles – this can only be a good thing.

As a group of zero’s we totally understand that a little 4k plod is not going to get us to marathon status quickly. We’re also going to need a little motivation as we go. One of the group asked us to complete the following sentence


  • Carb loading is cake
  • Helps with anxiety and depression and boosts my confidence
  • Met lots of great people
  • It’s the most relaxing part of my day, clears my mind and I love getting out in the fresh air
  • I love pizza and wine, I run so I can have pizza and wine
  • I have a wonderful “green” family
  • Because my work needs me to be at peak fitness and my daughter needs a healthy, fit father to show her the impossible is possible
  • I run because it helps my health and hopefully the hip issue I have, it also means that (my wife) and I have another shared interest and I find it helps clear the mind
  • To escape the kids (hmmm – I wonder who wrote that!)
  • It’s a positive influence for my kids, it makes me feel better in myself and according to hubby I’m a better person to live with but most importantly it’s something for me, time out away from the struggles of day-to-day live and an adrenaline rush

Clearly some of us are more serious than others on this but that doesn’t mean we won’t all get to that finish line!. It will be great to see what we’re all be saying in 6 months time.

Until next week ….

SM xx

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