Week 3

z2h wk 4And so onto week 3 … how time flies when you’re having fun. The temperature is now in the early 30’s – none of us want to complain about this given that the British summer time only lasts for a maximum of 3 days. At the same time NONE of us want to run in it. Garden. Wine. Food. Good company – that’s what we want but alas our Coach has happily informed us that we will be training like this in all weathers.


So tonight a bunch of happy green army Zero’s went off to plod a nice slow and steady 5k and here is what we learned whilst plodding..

  • Arms – Pocket to socket at a 90 degree angle and for speed its pocket to ear.  None of us have any intention on going fast because “pocket to ear” doesn’t sound as good as “pocket to socket”. In order for us to run like this the ideal way of holding our arms is so that our thumbs brush by or just barely below our hip bones with each step. This technique will give us far more power while we’re plodding.
  • Still on the topic of arms – There is an invisible line down the middle of our bodies from between our eyes down to our fluffy little belly buttons – like so many other lines, this line should never be crossed.
  • Breathing – we must remember to breath! We breathe in one of two ways, chest of belly. Heaving chests are not the way to go as it is less efficient. Personally I’ve always opted for belly breathing – so much easier when you have 2!
  • Squats are still our friends. Although I’d rather they were just a passing acquaintance they do help improve knee stability and help to build muscular strength

Next week folks .. we’re doing some running! proper plodding, so until then….

SM xx

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