Week 4

MK Marathon RegWith the MK Marathon just 312 days away we’re all getting slightly nervous but then a funny thing happens.  One person signs up for the marathon and it becomes contagious. Suddenly my Facebook page is full of people confirming they’ve signed up for the marathon and not meaning to be crude here but “this s**t just got real”. Needless to say we were all totally up for this evenings session and oh! what a session it was.

It was raining (yey!) as we started our plod out into the Milton Keynes wilderness and it was pissing it down as we started to plod back to civilisation.  In the middle of our session our Coach asked us to run to a certain point and back again, which is lovingly known as a loop back, only the person at the front of the pack didn’t listen and we forgot to loop back. So off we plodded, passed houses, and pubs and into a field and passed the cows, until we decided that our coach had deserted us and we would head for the nearest pub. We didn’t make it to the pub – sad times, but we did find our coach – good times, and then we got told off – sad times, and I swear she added an extra mile – bad times, but we did do 5 miles – fantastic times! This was the furthest most of us had run and boy were we on cloud 9 tonight.


As with every week, it wasn’t just about mileage, we learned a thing or two along the way such as:

  • Increasing our running mileage – Run. Eat.Sleep. Recover. Repeat.  Easy right? Running √ Eating √ Recovering √ Repeating √ but sleeping? someone needs to let my 3 year old know this fact about mileage increase
  • Hydration – already touched on this but Coach wanted to reiterate how important it is to keep hydrated and to hydrate as soon after our run as possible (pub anyone?)
  • Stretching – always stretch major muscle groups and anything that is sore or tight. Look after your feet, treat your muscles with massage balls that will help to ease the minor aches and pains.
  • Eat a decent sized, healthy meal (I repeat – pub?)
  • Always listen to your Coaches instructions

Wow! 5 miles. We are warriors today!

Until next week…

SM xx

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