Week 5

Here we are again … week 5, the weather is heating up again and Wimbledon is on telly. I’d rather be at home with a strong Gin & Tonic / Wine, strawberries and cream than donning my beautiful green T-shirt and taking my sorry @rse for a plod but no! I am the class clown and I refuse to let everyone down. I make the team look good so I need to be there.

This evening was all about core strength (or lack of, in my case). We set at a steady pace and just as we’d all begun to warm up Coach shouted “get down and give me 20”.  Ok, she didn’t, but she may as well have done. Not only did we run 2.2 miles but we also did a million and one squats, lunges, Russian twist things and all other sorts of weird and wonderful activities where we need to lay on our backs with our legs waving around in the air in full view of people out having a pleasant evening stroll.  And for that we apologise. We understand that there are some things that can’t be unseen.


As always, we didn’t just wave our legs in the air tonight. No siree! we learned some more things…. and you all thought running was about putting one foot in front of the other.

  • Strides – these are short bursts of fast running that will help train your foot to turn over more quickly.  This in turn, will make me a faster plodder. A word of caution for us newbies though – it’s good to do strides after a distance run to ensure we are fully warmed up otherwise the subs-bench will beckon.
  • Core work out – back to those bloody squats again, amongst other things. A strong core = squats + lunges + Russian Twists – wine – cake = a more efficient running style = less injuries = longer distance… and who said algebra wasn’t used outside of the classroom eh?

Off to give my core a good talking to so until next week …

SM xx


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