Week 6

We only went and bloody did it! I can not believe we have all just plodded a 10k. Oh.My.Days. 6.2 sodding miles and we did it. Most of us talked all the way through it, which is another milestone for a lot of us who generally fail to talk, breathe and plod at the same time.

Some of my Zero buddy’s came away with blisters, some came away having had to deal with wardrobe malfunctions, some came away with green t-shirts streaked with blood as their nipples chaffed and bled but despite all of that we all came away feeling totally awesome and proud of ourselves and each other, if not soggy thanks to the British summertime.


Tonight we learned about endurance – oh yes we did. We all discovered that we had the ability to exert ourselves or remain active over a period of time. This type of endurance training helps to improve our cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance during any aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

There are different levels of pain endurance depending on how you’re feeling and what you can enduring during your plodding. For some of us this evening, 6 miles was painful, for others, they were just getting warmed up but regardless, we’ve all just had a taste of 6 miles and we all want more.

The best piece of advice I’ve heard for a while (apart from “don’t do it, you’re mad”) is “You can’t out train poor diet and nutrition” the second piece of good advice is “Train to support your goals and eat to support your training” all good stuff and tomorrow I will look at my diet, but for tonight? well I’m just going to climb back onto Cloud 9 and stay here a while longer

Until next week

SM xx

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