Week 7

After a very scary lecture from Coach about how we need to start taking this journey seriously, it’s week 7 and we’re all feeling pretty damn pleased with ourselves following on from the previous weeks momentous 6 mile victory.  Off we went like a pack of wolves hunting down our next challenge, and boy did we find it after a little 10 minute warm up jog. We plodded up a long hill and at the top, whilst staring down a lovely big hill, we admired the beautiful scenery.


Whilst taking a breather and looking at the skyline, Coach talked to us about strapping. Ladies strap your boobs down. Men strap your tackle down. What’s the relevance of being at the top of a hill and talking about tying your tackle down? Well apparently, if it’s not suitably tied down it could knock you off-balance as you plod down the hill (ladies) or it could make an unwanted and rather embarrassing appearance (gents)

So ladies, decent sports bra’s are the order of the day, not only to stop us becoming unbalanced and falling @rse over t1t quite literally, but also because boobs have muscles.  Judging by the state of mine after 2 kids, this seems ludicrous but nope! the Coach lady is right, boobs do indeed have muscles. The pectoral muscle go underneath the boobs and connects the chest and the arm, and a little bit below that are our ribs which are connected by the intercostal muscles, these raise and lower the rib cage when breathing in and out – so pretty important whilst plodding me thinks. Stretching these muscles by not having the additional support means you’ll be tucking them into your running leggings just to stay upright and trust me, with my 2 belly’s already tucked in tightly down there it would not be a pretty sight.

Men … just no! it’s wrong to have your tackle swinging around in full view and if it ever came up for a standing ovation you’d really be in trouble.  Just keep it locked away.

Anyway after that nifty piece of advice, we all double checked ourselves and off we went plodding down a lovely hill only to look up and see Campbell Park’s “Killer Hill”. This hill is about a 1/4 hill – short but brutal and, you guessed it, Coach thought it would be a fantastic idea to sprint up it not once, not twice but 3 times. After this lovely bout of exertion she then made us run up and down a flight of stairs you guessed it – another 3 times. Finally she made us plod back up killer hill, over the top of it and keep on going.  Have you any idea just how bloody painful this session was!. The only relief we got was coming down the other side.

Hell! we’re going to feel this one in the morning so ice baths all round me thinks.

Until next week ..

SM xx

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