Week 8

z2h wk 8

We’re into week 8 already and our Coach has deserted us to go on holiday and left us with her Lieutenant.  If we thought we were in for an easy ride we were sadly mistaken for this weeks run focused on that beautiful lady in the grey t-shirt in the front row.

Our aim this week was to get this particular Zero around the MK Willen Parkrun course in her quickest time, all non-stop and all whilst still smiling.  The rules of the run were that we ran in pairs and we had to do lots of loop backs, our tail biker (top row in the yellow t-shirt) had the job of keeping us together and making sure we all finished.

So, knowing the rules and understanding the aim of the run, I have to say the team did not disappoint.  As always we broke the rules because that’s how we roll, and our tail biker must have felt that she was herding cats but we did eventually all loop back to our beautiful Zero to give her hi-fives and shouts of encouragement. Some of us hot footed it off in totally random directions, some of us threw in a couple of extra hills but all of us kept checking up on our beautiful Zero to make sure she wasn’t bored senseless from Lieutenant’s Harry Potter trivia.

The sun was shining for us this evening making it a totally awesome plod out with some totally awesome Zero’s and I’m pleased to say that our beautiful Zero completed her Parkrun non-stop, with her usual radiant smile and our tail biker came in totally exasperated with us all.

Thanks also goes out to an “already there Hero” (top left with the sunnies on) who supported our Harry Potter fanatic Lieutenant on this evenings expedition.

Until next week ….

SM xx





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