Week 9 – The return of the killer squats

SquatWhen your legs get tired


Week 9 already and we saw the return of our illustrious leader and shitting hell did she came back with some fire in her belly and only one thought on her mind.  What was that thought? I hear you say. Was it to have some fun? Or to eat some cake? Was it to drink some wine whilst perusing her holiday snaps? Was it heck as like!

This week the coach wanted to remind us who our best friend was, so after a 10 minute slow jog to warm up we found ourselves standing in the middle of a half empty car park. Coach whipped out her phone and waved it around like an offensive weapon whilst slowly looking around at us all with a glint of the devil in her eyes and an evil smile on her face. “Squats” she announced to a round of cheers from us, albeit perhaps a little too sarcastically for her liking. “We’re only going to do 7 squats tonight” – this time the cheers were real, “but I’m going to show you some new squats” ok, this is good, we’ll be fine, “and we’re going to hold each one for 1 minute” she said gleefully tapping her phone in her hand


Wait! but what? There is more than one type of these bastard squats? Well yes. Apparently there is so here goes:

  1. Normal squats – easy!
  2. Sumo Squats (similar to Plie Squats) – normal squat but feet wider apart
  3. Pulse squats – squat ….. and pulse …. and feel the burn!
  4. Pop squats (similar to Plyometric squats) – start with feet together, then jump your feet apart and touch the floor with your left hand, repeat only this time touch the floor with your right hand – how hard can it be!
  5. Single leg squats – it’s a squat … on one leg …. no wobbling to see here.
  6. Goblet squats (kettle ball required)
  7. Barbell squats (Advanced level – weights required)

Luckily for us some of these squats require equipment and given that we all forgot to pack our kettle balls in our running belts, we only needed to hold or pulse our way through numbers 1-4 above for 1 minute.  No groaning or moaning (or swearing) was used in the making of these exercises… much.

By this time we’re easily half an hour into our session so my thoughts had now happily turned from the fire in my legs to getting home for my healthy turkey burger and sweet potato fries but once more, Coach threw water on my happy thoughts and decided that there was no better way to get rid of burny legs than to go off for a little plod.

During this plod, the strangest thing happened. The burning sensation in my legs disappeared, the miles felt easy, everyone was still smiling and we got to the end quicker than I thought we would so all in all another great session with an awesome bunch of people, covering another 3 (ish) miles.

Well that’s about all for this weeks update, but before I go, one of our Zero’s mentioned that there is a marathon happening in Tokyo next year and the penny suddenly dropped for me.  This is the reason we are doing so many squats…..

Japenese squats

Until next week ..

SM xx

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