Week 10 – The 10k that never was

Week 10! we made it to the end of the foundation stage of our training and quite frankly – we’re rock! oh yeah! kings and queens of the Redways and as we set off for our “small 10k challenge or just over” as the coach advertised it, we all knew we had this in the bag. Tonight was going to be a walk in the park.

Mile 1 – yep we got this,

Miles 2 – 3 no problem, we’re still talking, still laughing

Mile 4 – oh good idea coach, yes, lets throw in a bit of flipping fartlek – couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable to do with led laden legs right now, oh goody, a hill! lets run up it at break neck speed just for shits ‘n’ giggles!

Mile 5 – some of the fitter ones are still talking, some of us are even still smiling

Mile 6 – not long now, still grimacing smiling through, although the talking has been dulled down to the odd inaudible word, or grunt in my case.

Mile 6.5 – no coach please don’t stop, oh good we’re not stopping, oh shit she’s stopped, nooooo! do you think she’d notice if I just carried on plodding passed her? damn! she noticed. We’ve stopped, how the hell am I going to start these pins up again.

Mile 7 – WTF!! this is not happening. I’m no running expert but I think 10k finished 0.8 miles back coach.

Mile 7.5 – er coach, we’ve lost half the group, please don’t make us loop back to find them, but it’s OK if you want to go back and look for them yourself, we’ll wait here for you, honestly we don’t mind.

Mile 8 – oh yeah baby we did it, we made it home. Stretch? I don’t think so my lovely – see that there? that’s a car. I am going to haul my lardy arse into that car and drive on home for a long hot shower and a burger… or a pizza … sod it. I’m just going to crack open the wine, who needs food anyway.

The last thing I saw on Facebook was Coach’s lieutenant conducting a role call to make sure we all got home OK whilst the coach was still out looking for stragglers …

Until next week ….

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