Week 11 – It’s all about the core

Week 11

At the end of week 10 we discovered that our Coach was giving us 3 weeks out but as we’re “hardcore Zero’s” we decided that if Lieutenant was available, we would still like to continue with the training in some guise.

The next thing we know our Lieutenant has hooked us up with a Personal Trainer! We are athletes now! We warrant having a PT instructor! whoop whoop.

Instructions for this week included: old clothes and old grippy trainers oh! and bring some pennies to pay! so! old trainers in hand and wearing old(ish) tops, off we plodded as part of our warm up, over to the Peace Pagoda where it became less Peaceful by the time we found out what we were actually getting ourselves into.

Our PT Instructor, Jason, seemed like a lovely chap – young enough to be my son, so I had high hopes that as an over-the-hill plodder he would take pity on me and not push my old body too far. I shouldn’t have worried …. he took no sodding pity on any of us and he damn near broke me.

Splitting off into pairs, we were told that one person would run up and across a hill, then run down it, then make like a bear and crawl back up and down the hill, then pretend we were Commandos in the Royal Marines and commando crawl up across the grass, then get up, run around a tree before heading back and making like a bunny hopping before tagging our partner’s in crime.

Meanwhile, our partners in crime were working their way through the list of exercises below:

Week 11 - core

Oh the fun we had… not. We stuck our arses in the air, we crawled, wriggled  and writhed through the grass all because a good-looking PT Instructor told us to. Oh! and we paid for the privilege of doing it.  We must have “muppet” written all over our foreheads.

Until next week ..

SM xx

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