Weeks 12 – 22 – We will be Hero’s

Z2H Crew 1

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a little bit quiet on the old blogging front for the last couple of months.  All will be revealed if you head on over to Train insane or remain the same.

But for now, let me introduce you to some of my Zero2Hero partners in crime…. damn! we’re a good-looking bunch aren’t we?! And look! there’s me in the middle of that big old red circle with a big old red arrow pointing toward my big old double chins, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Was I happy to be spending time away from Devil Child and Satan? Damn right!, Was I happy to be with the Z2H gang? Totally! Was I looking forward to a fantastic training session? meh (kidding Coach!) Were we celebrating someone’s birthday and therefore heading to the pub for copious amounts of well deserved wine after our training? Hell yes! And a very joyous evening we had too… from what I remember.

Mentor Meeting

So back to the Z2H Session! Over the last 8-10 weeks we’ve been meeting our mentors. These fine men and women are giving up their precious free time to support us all on our journey to becoming Kings and Queens of the MK Marathon 2018. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as hell am grateful to them. They’ve all ‘been there, done that’ so to speak and can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of what we need to do to be race ready. We have a few more left to meet yet so we won’t get to find out who our allocated mentors are until we’ve seen them all … it feels a bit like a beauty parade, or at least a laughable episode of Take Me Out .. “Ooh oh Pick Me!” but ultimately, if we each get the right mentor then we should all be fit ‘n’ ready to hit that starting line in May 2018.

We ‘only’ have 6 months left to get the mileage in but I’ve been totally inspired, awestruck and amazed at how far some of the amazing Z2H’ers have come. People who, back in June, could not run a 5k without stopping, dying, having wardrobe malfunctions or bleeding nipples are now running 10 miles… in training! Pah! go us!.  Some have completed half marathons, some have done a couple of half marathon’s and have managed to achieve PB’s between their races, but what I have noticed recently is a lot more subtle, and heart-warmingly (!!) pleasing.

Pretty much all of us have now completed our October 10 mile challenge, up until this point we referred to ourselves as ‘Zero’s’, at some point along the way we have now all found the confidence to start calling ourselves ‘Hero’s’ … a slip of the tongue? I think not.

Until next time

SM xx


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