Getting me up ….. and running!

By guest blogger Kevin ‘Tills’ Tilley

Kevin Tills Tilley

Ok so where to start …. I was asked to put pen to paper after my ‘year of running’ got a good review and was deemed half decent by at least one person. So, I was invited to share my thoughts here (a dangerous request if ever there was one!) but what to write about?…… I mulled it over before settling on a topic which co-incidentally when I checked my phone was also what was suggested I focus on! (surely a good sign!) I’m going to share my thoughts on my motivation! What is it? How did I get it? Why did I lose it? Where did it go? And most importantly …… how the hell did I get it back??

So the first couple in that list should be pretty straight forward, it is quite simply the thing that gets me off my arse! If you run or have run, you have, or had it! Something made you do it, that may have been a nagging friend! (yes I’ve ‘motivated’ a few friends in the past!) a moment of ‘can-do’ attitude or a self set target but something got you to lace up and just do it! For me it was a couple of things – a friend suggested signing up to parkrun and I hate to waste a free venture so had to give it a go. On that subject parkrun tricks you!! They make it sound all nice and fluffy, “run, jog, walk” “no one finishes last” “friendly marshals all over the place” yeah that’s all wonderful but who didn’t get that first time and think…. I can beat that?! Also during a few drinks on holiday I made a bold statement to my dad that I would complete a marathon before I was 40 and time was fast running out!!

So we’ve all had the get up and go at some point but every so often this seems to get up and …. well bugger off! leaving you feeling a little flat. No one seems to know where it goes but I think if anyone finds all these lost mojos they could probably earn a rather large amount of money selling them back to their demoralised owners, the runners that would much rather destroy a pack of chocolate hobnobs (other biscuits are available) than even consider squeezing their ever-expanding bits into Lycra! My biggest slump came not long after my marathon, after months of building up to and working towards the big day it was over, and much like returning from a holiday I had nothing to aim for, no target to strive towards.I think this is probably when me and most people lose their oomph, their reason for putting one foot in front of the other, when you start wondering why you are doing it and start to feel stagnant making little or no progressions! To put things as blunt as possible I could not be arsed!! Even when I did manage to get dragged to a run of some description I would just plod with minimal effort but, that was what I needed and how I got back into it, being dragged, ok more like encouraged, to runs, being surrounded by people where I could laugh and joke and smile and remind me of what running should be about – FUN!

I have been fortunate this last year to have found the best running buddy ever!! we laugh, she cry’s (sorry!) [Editors note: This is in no way a reference to SavageMum …. SM does not cry! She’s much to … er…. Savage!] but she reminds me it’s not always easy and you do sometimes have to dig a little deeper, put in that extra little bit of effort! Whenever I think I can’t do it she reminds me I can and will! Yes by all means use it to keep fit, lose weight, meet people, whatever your chosen reason may be but above all never forget you will get so much more from it if you enjoy it! I love being part of my running club and can say with 100% certainty I would not be the runner I currently am with out it and the people involved! (most of) the people in it are always lighthearted and as an organisation they put on events getting everyone socialising no matter on their ability. If you are looking for your mojo and club running, or an awesome buddy, are not available might I suggest a few other things that helped me.

  • A change of scenery,
  • Or even just a different time of running, watching the sky changing colours during sun up really does warm the heart and help remind you how lucky you are just to be able to enjoy it.
  • Another one that really gave me that “yes” feeling was helping others, adults, children, anyone less able than yourself will be so grateful for assistance, use that to drive you on!

I had written off running towards the back end of 2017 aiming to pick things up in the new year but a couple of outings in December has fired me up and I am looking forward to 2018 and the challenges, targets and escapades it brings.


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