Light The Lakes 2019

LTL 2This post is slightly off piste for me but I wanted to let you guys know about the 1st in a series of challenges I’ve got planned for 2019 and whilst it’s not strictly a running post, the training that I’ll need to put in to complete the other challenges, will go someway in helping me complete this challenge. 

So the first thing to mention is that I’m not doing this alone …. no siree, not this bloody time!!. This time, I’ve managed to rope in my Chief Cheerleader / Pit Stop Director and fellow Hero (mwah-ha-ha) so let me formally introduce you all to my wing man, my constant support and fellow marathon man Mr Chris Moy. Chris has agreed to step out of the shadows into the limelight for a few months to join me in a different kind of challenge. To be fair it’s all his fault … kind of!. I happened to mention that I’d like to run for charity next year in the hope that I could find something worthwhile to keep me pounding those streets and he mentioned the charity COPS (Care of Police Survivors). After I’d dug a bit deeper I actually found that bone in my body that carried the long forgotten thing called ’empathy’ and suddenly that teeny-tiny flickering flame sparked back into life. But first! let me tell you about Chris!

Chris is his own worst critic, he’s stubborn, has extremely high standards, plans everything to the nnth degree, has the ability to convince himself that he’s crap at things when in fact he’s really rather brilliant at most things he puts his mind to and he notices everything … and I really do mean EVERYTHING. He’s more supportive than Bridgette Jones’ knickers, he’s a protector, the one person you should always have on your side to fight for you, he’s kind, considerate and will totally kill you with sarcasm… oh! and he’s also run a marathon, raced a train, thrown himself off a cliff, smashed a half marathon trail run and probably a whole load of other stuff that he hasn’t told anyone about because he’s a pretty private person (oops! sorry 🙂 )

…… and to prove how private young Chris is, here are some of his support photos …. 

and here is the real McMoy (see what I did there? 😉 )


If I had to climb a mountain in the dark with anyone …. Chris is definitely the only person I’d trust to have my back! oh and did I mention that he also works for The British Transport Police? it’s his passion and dedication to the job that leads us onto this epically awesome challenge for the charity COPS.  As a child of a retired Met Police officer, this charity appeals to me, between the 2 of us we’re doing some crazy shit next year but this?! well, this has got to be the icing on the cake.

On the 21st June 2019, we’ll be climbing Nethermost Pike in the Lake District on behalf of COPS. Nethermost Pike is the second highest of the Eastern Fells in the Lake District but at 2,922 ft high it pales into insignificance compared to it’s parent peak, Helvellyn (which stands at 3,117 ft) , but hey! lets not start out with something that’s too challenging eh!. If the height of the climb isn’t impressive enough for you, then I should probably throw in that we’ll be doing this in the dark .. yep, you’ve got it, we’re climbing a mountain we’ve never seen before in the pitch black and only one of us knows how to work a compass (hint: it’s not me!) – how cool is that!! 🙂

We’re aiming to get to the top of this peak by approx 2am and once at the top … AFTER we’ve celebrated but BEFORE we crack open the Jack Daniels …. we’ll be lighting a flare on behalf of all of the Police men and women who have lost their lives in connection with Police Duties.

You see… love ’em or hate ’em, our boys ‘n’ gals in blue are human and have families too. These families never asked to be left behind, without knowing it, some of these families said goodbye for the last time one day and while the dangers of policing is widely understood, no officer expects to lose their life on duty. COPS do an amazing job of supporting and enabling survivors with a peer support programme. This peer based support is the mainstay of COPS activity, but is enhanced by projects aimed at providing survivors with the support needed to rebuild their lives.

So while #TeamHuntley-Moy will still be keeping up with the old marathon training during 2019, it would mean an awful lot to us to, not only take on this challenge, but to raise some much needed funds for a very worthwhile charity and your support in helping us achieve this by clicking on the link below, would be much appreciated.  

COPS – Virgin Money Giving

Until next time

SM xx

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