#SavageMum does ….. jeffing (kind of..)

Well! Today was a day of enlightenment! Today, on an actual kiddie weekend, my bestest buddies and the worlds most awesome couple, teamed up and helped me get out for a plod!!! Everyone must be sick to the back teeth of me giving all the excuses under the sun for why I can’t train for these marathons….. I’m working … I’ve got meetings ….. I’ve got the kids ….I’m washing my running gear and now it’s shrunk …. its raining … its too hot …I can’t do it … I can’t be bothered, and so on and so forth… hell, even I’m sick of using these same old excuses to be honest, but today I looked a gift horse straight in the eye, shook it firmly by the hoof … and yelled “Bring. It!!!”

Ms Bestest, suggested dropping the Terror Tot off with her where she would quite happily entertain the little darling while Mr Bestest took me out on a lovely 4 mile jaunt in a straight line, down hill with a following wind from their house to a pub on a lake, where I would find my darling daughter smiling, laughing and playing in the park and a lovely ice cold glass of Pinot waiting …. well I’d be mad to turn down an offer like that! Wine? Of a lunch time? In charge of a minor?? Abso-bloody-lutley πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

So rocking up to the Bestest’s house feeling good about this plod, my mouth starts moving without consulting my brain and before I know it we’ve gone from planning 4 miles to re-planning a 10k… confirming the route, I saw an evil glint in Mr Bestests eye and I’m pretty sure he saw the look of terror in mine, because if you cast your mind back to my previous attempt at a 10k .. it didn’t go so well πŸ€”. Somehow Mr Bestest remembers this and announces that we’re going to walk / run it. This nugget of information makes me one very happy puppy but also disappoints me a little …. walking while you’re supposed to be out running is tantamount to cheating, no? Intrigued and buoyed up by the idea that at least I’d get an official breather every couple of miles without looking too unfit, we waved goodbye to my darling daughter, wished Ms Bestest the very best of luck and quickly headed out the door to face the hurricane like conditions.

Now remembering what Mr Bestest said about it being a down hill route, I found myself wondering why I was starting this run staring up from the bottom of a sizeable incline … really?? Not even 10 seconds in and he’s trying to kill me with a hill!! This was definitely a sign of things to come for the next hour! The plan was to run for 2 miles and walk for 2 mins and before I knew it, having battled up hills that ‘weren’t really hills’, been blown backwards around a lake that had bigger waves than Hawaii and listened to Mr Bestest words of wisdom for 20 mins, we could stop for a little breather. I was surprised how quickly I caught my breath and after 2 mins 30 seconds of walking we were off once more. I thought I’d find it difficult to get moving again but by just over mile 3 and having gone up yet another hill that “wasn’t a hill” I found I was relaxed and comfortable …. so much so, that we nearly didn’t stop for our walk break at mile 4, which saw Mr Bestest conducting a welfare check on Ms Bestest, ensuring she was still alive, safe and well before the final kick for the pub.

Post-run analysis

Rocking up to the pub still feeling strong, I spy Darling Daughter in the park happily throwing herself around and a knackered looking Ms Bestest standing there looking all beautiful yet frazzled in the sunshine and I’m pretty sure I saw her mouth “Thank christ for that” as we approached πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ We dutifully carried her into the pub for a “post recovery” glass of something cold and fizzy and, as most runners do, started analysing the run.

I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I realised that, despite running an unplanned 10k, despite walking for 2 minutes every couple of miles, despite being blown backwards around a lake in the hurricane like conditions, and despite my lack of any form of consistent running recently, this was not only my fastest 10k in a long time but I also felt strong at the end, didn’t suffer from the obligatory pins and needles, still had the energy to stand up right, didn’t need an afternoon nap to recover and the biggest surprise of all?? I absolutely flipping loved it!!

This run wasn’t a fluke ….

Carrying this new found confidence into the new working week and in a bid to ensure this run wasn’t just a fluke, I explained the approach to my chief cheerleader / pit stop director / fellow hero and well! We had to give it a try didn’t we πŸ€” …. welcoming in the new working week where Monday’s have been renamed “recovery day” he rocked up outside my office all sweaty and hero like, having done 3 miles warm up already, and off we plodded.

Ladies and gents, I can confirm that the original walk/run trial was indeed not a fluke… 5 relaxed, happy, fun filled miles later we arrived back where we started, totally buzzing!

And so the ‘Welsh strategy experiment’ training has begun …. with just 3 weeks, a few days and the odd hour or so left to go (every second counts right?), we’ve taken on board the fact it’s going to hurt, we understand that out of a field of 500 runners, we’re likely to be runners 499 and 500 but given our busy lives and the obstacles in our way we at least will be at the start line…. something that has been under debate since the beginning of the year. Oh! And the bestest thing of all? ….. the running tops are in and, dead or alive, we’re going to look AWESOME … 😍

Until next time

SM xxx

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