#SavageMum …. food for thought

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and it’s been said that it’s up to us how we use and prioritise those 24 hours, but sometimes ….. just sometimes ….. work, kids, life gets in the way of the things you really want to do and then, prioritised or not, what you really want to do gets buried at the bottom of the pile, hidden underneath kids school books, cooking, cleaning, working and dirty pants.

Occassionally things get in the way for a few days but, on those rare occasions when your entire prioritised ‘I-want-to-do list’ takes a long haul flight to no-mans land without you, it can leave you feeling a little ‘meh’ and pancake like .. flat and without the syrup.

But have no fear my intrepid runners ….. there are some things that you can do that, even if you’re not running as much as you’d like or as consistently as you’d like, can still aid your training and that my friends is my favouritist subject in the whole world….FOOD!!

We’ve all got to eat, right? Sometimes we make the wrong choices and that’s ok in moderation, sometimes we run out of both time and ideas and sometimes, it’s just easier, after a long day at work, to cook and eat the same colourless crap I feed my kids (nominations for #MotherOfTheYear2019 are in…. 🤔) . I have 2 kids to feed and by dinner time it’s like the Battle of Trafalgar trying to get healthy food down them and do you think I can get them to like the same food, at the same time??? Oh god no! That would be far too simple…. the 4 yr old liked peas last week, this week it’s the food of the devil. Last month the teenager liked chicken, now nothing less than a sirloin steak will do, and me? If I see another fish finger, chicken nugget or pesto pasta dinner I think I will genuinley cry.

So, I’ve invested in a book no less! – and by christ what a pain in the backside it was trying to decide which one to get. I was after a book that would actually make the dinners for me, but alas, there are no such miracle books out there. I did however, find something that comes a pretty close second and so my friends, I’ve finally be sucked into believing the hype and introduce you to Joe Wicks Lean in 15 The Shape Plan and what a revelation it’s been!!! (Along with the fact it’s over £6 quid cheaper on Amazon 🤔 #JustSaying)

The book explains all about the various food groups and how carbs aren’t necessarily the evil we all believe them to be …. which I thought was great news as I nonchalantly removed the sausage roll crumbs from my jumper and turned the page. It also explains about good fats and dodgy fats, protein and what it does for us, the best days to eat a carb rich meal and the best days to eat a reduced carb meal. Its all really very interesting and for someone who’s not necessarily the sharpest tool in the box, it really does make sense! But the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating (see what I did there? 😂) and so onto the main course <Groan> (I’m ‘ere all week) … the food!!

I was very much bought up on a ‘meat n 2 veg’ diet, I either ate it or I went hungry, I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until my plate was empty, this has given me a lifetime of issues with food – the guilt at being so full up you’d need to put me on my side and roll me home verses the guilt at letting good food go to waste is a terrible burden to bare. On the positive side, there isn’t any food I won’t eat, I love my fruit and veg and I love my meat in equal measures, the less than positive side sees me piling my plate full of food because I’m starving and then regretting my piss poor portion control halfway through knowing I just HAVE to clear my plate, but by actually listening to my body and dishing up smaller, yet more filling portions of the right kind of foods, well! Its been an eye opener that’s for sure!

This week is all about me trialling some of these recipes – our friend Joe reckons we can cook these meals in 15 mins ….. ever up for a challenge, I stand in my kitchen finishing off the kids cocktail sausages whilst reading the instructions for a delicious sounding gormet meal that’ll be ready, from oven to plate in 15 mins. So with my stopwatch at the ready, off I go, slicing, dicing and ‘prepping like a boss’ to quote Mr Wicks, and oh what fun I had!. I’m using fresh, new, never before used ingredients, half of which I don’t know whether to cook or arrange in a vase, and once I’m all prepped the actual cooking (and timer!) begins.

With my hand held high above my head I drop salt and pepper onto my steak …. this dear friends, is known as “seasoning”….I drop the newly seasoned steak into my griddle pan coated in coconut butter with such zest and conviction I almost convince myself I know what the hell I’m doing and, shock horror even my chief cheerleader / pit stop director / fellow hero believes this act of flambouyancy! While the steak sizzles happily in the griddle pan, I take a look at the next steps and within minutes I’m adding things to the frying pan with as much flair as I can muster and giving it a quick shake …. this dear readers is known as “tossing” … finally 16 minutes later I very calmly dish up a Philly Cheese and Jalapeno steak dinner. I would have taken a photo of it but I was bloody starving and it was pretty much gone in 3 mins flat 😳 Initial feedback? lush! it had the right amount of heat from the chillies and the jalapeno’s, the steak was perfectly cooked, the mozzerella and cheddar combo made it all creamy and “naughty” tasting and all the different flavours moulded together to leave my tongue dancing in delight for a good hour or so after! It’s healthy, its tasty and it’s a keeper.

Tonight I’ve made Popeye chicken which has REAL CREAM in, took 15 mins to make, tasted bloody lush and I only used 1 pan!! Hell! I even remembered to take a pic of it I was that excited ….

This photo has been taken from the book and is how it should have looked ….

And this is how it actually turned out ….. a plate full of happiness right there 😍

I have done every single diet known to man and I’ve always lost the weight and then gained it again. The choices I’ve made recently have been poor, possibly out of sheer exhaustion, lack of ideas or maybe I’m just a lazy bum – who knows, but if running has taught me anything, it’s that food should be used to fuel and repair your body and in understanding what each food group brings to the party we can give our bodies that optimal chance of helping us to reach the start and the finish line of each event. If I’ve learned anything so far it’s that I can go to bed satisfied (as in, not feeling bloated guys! … jeeze 🙄😂) but not uncomfortably stuffed and wake up wanting a healthy breakfast instead of nothing or the sugar kick from cereals.

Now I know alot about diets but I know nothing of nutrition, so as I learn more about it through this book and other books like it, I’ll pass on any top tips I learn along the way starting with this one …..


If you use fresh chilli’s in your meal, wash your hands thoroughly after … licking your fingers, rubbing your eyes or scratching your ass is not advised and hurts like hell!

Until next time

SM xx

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