Marathon Prep for beginners – hydration part 1

Most people who have kept up with my blog will have gawffed at the title of this article and that’s ok … I kinda wrote it with a smile on my face too. 😃 My marathon prep has mostly consisted of grapes, the fermented kind, along with fish fingers and chips, chicken nuggets and chips and whatever else I lazily throw together for the kids at the end of a long day, so I understand your chortleling over the title.

But if there’s one thing I can, hand on heart, say I’ve learned over the last few years … and most definitely the only thing that stood me in good stead and got me so far in my failed attempt at The Great Welsh Marathon, is that what you put into your body in the run up to your marathon is of paramount importance.

But before I go any further, and for the sake of transparency, in a vain attempt at “keeping the lights on” with my blog, this article is chock full of affiliate marketing links. These links don’t cost you anything, it just means that if you so happen to purchase anything by using one of the links in this article, I may get a little bit of commission from the company …. don’t panic, I couldn’t sell ice to the Eskimos so there’s no hard selling involved and I’m only interested in showing you the stuff I’ve used and/or tried which has worked for me and, you never know, they may work for you too.

We all know that hydration is key – so much is said about making sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, and given that the average adult human body is made up of 50% – 65% water (depending on gender, fitness level, wine intake etc) it’s probably a good idea to keep drinking the stuff. Personally, I just can’t bring myself to drink the required 2 litres of water each day – it’s tasteless, it’s boring and it doesn’t contain grapes in any way, shape or form …. but I do like a good gadget and in my quest to start looking after myself in my middle age, I found a super-duper, very cool looking water bottle which has massively helped! They’re a little on the expensive side at £10.99 but given the interest and feedback I’ve had so far, I think they’re worth every penny.

But what to put IN your sparkly new gadet I hear you ask, well first up for me is Berocca!! When I was a kid, I used to have these astronomical mood swings and severe tiredness so my mother frog marched me off to the doctors. I have a sneaking suspicion she was trying to get me sectioned so she could get some rest but instead the doctor sent us packing with a little pot of white pills cunningly disguised as Vitamin Bs. These are what I consider my “power pills” they keep me sane and functional. Vitamin B6 is the top B-man for hormonal imbalance followed very quickly by it’s brothers B2 and B12 who, alongside B-Man’s cousins, Vitamin C and folic acid, reduces tiredness and fatigue and gives you the energy to get out the door for those long runs. Berocca gives me the same sort of stability and energy after yet another sleepless night with the Devil Child, and gives me the control to mutter “FML” under my breath instead of within earshot of innocent little ears. A lot has been said and written about running being great for boosting your mood and reducing anxiety, but sometimes it’s the ‘getting out the front door’ that’s the problem. These little fizzy water bombs help me with that and the running does the rest.

This one is the best deal I can find for you guys. There are 6 tubes with 15 orange flavoured tablets for the princley sum of £23.80 and even better – at the moment delivery is free.

If Orange isn’t your flavour then check out the Berry ones! I LOVE these – these are my “go to’s” and are a little cheaper for 6 tubes than the Orange ones at £21.99, again with free delivery.

As with everything health & safety wise, the standard caveats apply – you must be 18 and over, only take 1 a day and always read the label.

If you’ve tried something different that works for you, I’d love to hear about it …

Until next time


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