Week 8

We’re into week 8 already and our Coach has deserted us to go on holiday and left us with her Lieutenant. ┬áIf we thought we were in for an easy ride we were sadly mistaken for this weeks run focused on that beautiful lady in the grey t-shirt in the front row. Our aim this … More Week 8

Week 7

After a very scary lecture from Coach about how we need to start taking this journey seriously, it’s week 7 and we’re all feeling pretty damn pleased with ourselves following on from the previous weeks momentous 6 mile victory.  Off we went like a pack of wolves hunting down our next challenge, and boy did … More Week 7

Week 6

We only went and bloody did it! I can not believe we have all just plodded a 10k. Oh.My.Days. 6.2 sodding miles and we did it. Most of us talked all the way through it, which is another milestone for a lot of us who generally fail to talk, breathe and plod at the same … More Week 6

Week 5

Here we are again … week 5, the weather is heating up again and Wimbledon is on telly. I’d rather be at home with a strong Gin & Tonic / Wine, strawberries and cream than donning my beautiful green T-shirt and taking my sorry @rse for a plod but no! I am the class clown … More Week 5

Week 1

The first weeks session came with zero expectations from our coach which meant a lot of relief for us Zero’s. We plodded a nice gentle 4k but the main talking point was hydration. All of us need to get into the habit of drinking a minimum of 80 oz (just over 2 litres for us … More Week 1