SavageMums Race Reviews

I’ve heard it said that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well guess what? the same can be applied to races … whatever happens in the middle, stays in the middle! absolutely no one needs to know, unless of course you advertise it on  Strava, MapMyRun,  any other running app or hell! even a blog or something 😉

There were due to be further races run during 2020 but clearly this year has been cancelled so if you’re looking forward to races in 2021 I would recommend the following … worse case? you’ll see me at the starting line

Dublin Marathon 2019
Dublin Marathon 2019
Edinburgh Marathon 2019
Milton Keynes Marathon 2019
The Great Welsh Marathon 2019
London Winter 10k 2019
The Bling
Milton Keynes Winter Half 2018
RTT Finish
Race The Train 2018
MK Marathon End 2
Milton Keynes Marathon 2018


Marathon bling
London Marathon 2018
MK Festival of Running Half


Cry baby
Milton Keynes Winter Half 2017/2018